In Her Own Words...

Dana Barash, the President, Owner, and Professional Organizer, founded Spacial Serenity to bring order and efficiency to the lives of her clients in their space at home and/or work.

By freeing clients from distractions and working through the process, clients achieve a more serene and more peaceful environment where they are calmer, clearer, and more productive.

"I had the idea for Spacial Serenity in 2006, but the idea didn’t materialize until 2012. I myself had to DanaBarash2be in the right spot in my life with the right mindset and strong determination and belief to start this business. I had to eliminate the clutter from my world to really be able to follow my dreams. Prior to building this business, I worked as a Life & Job Coach for a severely disabled client, who was emotionally and physically challenged. I found myself developing unique organizational solutions for her. It occurred to me that all of us have internal obstacles that block us from taking steps forward. If we surround ourselves with too much external “stuff” or “clutter” we will never get to the exact nature of our blocks. My goal is to help people clear up their outer worlds so that they can find the time, energy and motivation to dig deeply into the internal wounds that stop them from being their best, from seeking what’s best, and from having the best life they can achieve.

We all deserve a chance to find peace and lead fulfilling and successful professional and personal lives.

We need to be willing to give ourselves the chance to achieve this. This may sound funny, but the truth is it all starts with the organization of your space. A clear thought can only be achieved in a cleared environment, full of positive spatial energy and order.

As a new entrepreneur, I didn’t have to practice what I preached; instead I began to preach how I lived and shared this gift with the world. I had been living this way for years and saw what I was able to accomplish once I cleared out the cobwebs. In my case, I was always organized with my space, but my thoughts needed order. When I was ready to bring Spacial Serenity to life, I did it the right way—from the bottom up. I went to a program. I received the aid I needed. I developed a functional business plan. I found believers, and I began to grow my business, one client at a time.

I knew all the work I had done to unclutter and to focus my mind made me able to follow my heart. It worked! Like many of you reading this, I had to remove the obstacles that were blocking my path; then I could move forward and shine.

In 2006, Spacial Serenity was just a thought and a vision. Now it’s a reality that’s become a savior and safety net for so many who have floundered. We all have struggles and the answer is right there: Just ask for help. There is no shame in asking; the shame is in continuing to sink when someone is clearing the way and throwing you a life preserver.

In 2012, Spacial Serenity was open for business and I knew that success was my only option. Since then, I have been entering businesses and homes in the Nassau and Suffolk communities, helping others to eliminate unnecessary distractions and obstacles that stand in there way of success. I customize and implement organizational strategies that are convenient and sustainable.

My main goal is not just to get the space organized, but to teach the maintenance of organization by instilling certain systematic tools into my clients daily life.

I also motivate them to use their own abilities to follow through with this practice. I perform this process with my clients during the project, and it’s incredible to see them apply this skill into all other areas of their lives.

Each time I remove my clients' external clutter, it enables them to become empowered to deal with their internal clutter. I energize people by opening a pathway for them to think clearly and independently, free from the distractions that often block their progress and decision-making skills.

I create unique, individualized system solutions that enable people and businesses to function more smoothly, fully, efficiently, productively, and produce sustainable and profitable results. This process is powerful. Let me create one for you and stand back, watch the miracles occur.”

Three Reasons To Organize

  • 1. External chaos...often blocks us from accessing our internal needs. We're unable to move forward. We feel "stuck."
  • 2. Removing external chaos... and reorganizing our space opens our minds and hearts to new possibilities.
  • 3. We help you get motivated... to take an action. Our process empowers you to deal with the internal blocks that block your emotional  physical, and mental needs.