Giving Back

Usually when we think of organizing our surroundings, we are hopeful of the idea that it will bring about a newly found clarity with the removal of such heavy emotional burdens. We may or may not even realize this has to do with the releasing of some old baggage. This newly found freedom gives us an opportunity to engage in the profound activity of giving back. Spacial Serenity has partnered up with a couple of non-profit organizations. However, within this last year they have built a stronger partnership with New Ground New Groundoverall. This is an organization whose mission is to provide services to families and veterans in order to end homelessness. At the forefront of the many wonderful services New Ground provides, is their donations and Family Adoption Program.

Spacial Serenity enables their clients to easily have the ability to participate in this when deciding where they want their donations to go. If they do in fact choose this option, the donations leave that day with Spacial Serenity and the client is immediately left with a receipt because New Ground has made Dana Barash an official representative to collect their donations.

The donations are then brought to a drop off area and are safely kept till New Ground picks them up that night or the next day. In addition the client receives a formal letter in the mail thanking them personally for there generous donations!SpacialClients

Many Spacial Serenity clients have found solace in knowing that they can improve the lives of others while simultaneously improving their own. This cycle of contributing to the greater good has had lasting effects on our clients as well as the families they have helped.

For example, in the words of Shannon Boyle Executive Director of New Ground- “Just recently a family in our program experienced an unplanned pregnancy which would have had a serious effect on the family’s budget and plans to secure independent living. A new baby should never be seen as a burden but it was hard for the family to be truly excited. That is, until the donations from Spacial Serenity started streaming in. As fate would have it, Spacial Serenity called New Ground asking if the organization could use a baby stroller, car seat, and other critical baby items. A few weeks after that, another client donated two large bags of children’s clothing, which primarily went to the same family. Before we could even hiccup, a family with a baby on the way was outfitted with everything they might need! These donations have gone a long way to helping families provide for their little ones."

This is just one example that has come from the generosity of Spacial Serenity’s efforts and their wonderful clients.

Spacial Serenity welcomes opportunity to practice organization as a channel for helping people through difficult circumstances. We recognize how an overly stuffed space to one person may be filtered through and reused as essential items to someone else. Spacial Serenity clients now have the opportunity to donate their surplus belongings that are no longer used to families who truly need them. Ensuring nothing goes to waste while the biggest gift of all remains.

Giving back is a practice of the heart. Just like any muscle the more we use it, the stronger it gets!