"This past July, my husband and I were looking for the right person to take on the job of readying my in-laws house for sale. This would be no easy feat since my in-laws never threw anything away. A business associate of my husband’s highly recommend Dana Barash and Spacial Serenity. From our first meeting with Dana we knew she was the right person for the job. I connected with her a immediately. Feeling so comfortable with Dana, I not only hired her for the job on my in-laws house, but also asked her to take on the challenge of organizing my entire home!
Dana's professional, yet calming and gentle way of taking charge of everything made this daunting task seem possible. Each time the Dana came to my house for a session she always had the goal of helping me get rid of things that were no longer purposeful. She taught me all the organizational skills that I would need to enable me to use the systems she set up and how to maintain the area of the house that we had tackled that day. As this project nears an end, I realize that I am a changed person. I am totally organized in my home, and this has allowed me to be more organized in my every day life. I feel happy and peaceful, and I now love my home. I owe all of this to Dana Barash and Spacial Serenity."

Cheryl Mills,

“I met Dana through our networking group. Her company always intrigued me. I decided a while before I hired Dana, that Spacial Serenity is what I was looking for. I never expected it would be as amazing and long as it was. Dana assessed my space and when she told me how many sessions it would take to get me into gear I was skeptical. But she was right on the money as she always is. She has this keen sense about her that she truly has a gift in helping you find a way out of the clutter. New possibilities arose while working with her and she wound up redesigning my office, our storage closet, kitchen, and training room. It was amazing the ah-ha moments I had with Dana kept coming. She made things easy and fun.


It was such a pleasure to work with her. In fact I have referred her to several colleagues and clients. I now live free from clutter and disorganization and I owe that freedom to Spacial Serenity.“

Rich Isaac, Founder & President

Dana is the Spirit of organization. Beware when in her presence. You will be transformed. May be not cured but the genie will be out of the bottle! When you know you can't go on call DANA.

As she says, Peace and Blessings.

Ellen Volpe, CEO, American Business Associates

It may seem funny to say but Dana is my Professional Organizer and I can personally attest ...she is excellent! I was lost without her, seriously. She has brought such peace and calmness to my closet; and to my life I am at a happy place now. Spacial Serenity is wonderful, everybody needs to have a little Dana in their world.

Diane Caputi, Vice President