Organizing Businesses

"By organizing the office spaces of the Executive team of a prominent financial group, I reduced redundancy and increased collaboration."

The priorities of meeting daily needs, keeping up with the competition, serving customers, and building your teams often push aside the need to organize office space. Unfortunately, this begins a downhill problem that is not always seen on the surface. But it’s just like when building a house that should stand the test of time no matter what natural causes occur: if the foundation is weak, eventually the house will begin to come apart, piece by piece. In organizational terms, this means: if you do not have the correct systems and functional organization in place, you will be constantly wasting time, leaving money on the table or losing money by investing in the wrong things. Your ideas will not be followed through, and these little—or not-so-little—pieces will begin to grow. We can never get back the time and money we lose, but we can put an end to this cycle now!

Don't put yourself in this position! Reorganize as soon as possible and get on the best track for success:

  • individual or full office space
  • discarding, sorting, repurposing and replacing of items & materials
  • strategizing work & storage systems
  • setting up collaborative workflow within the space & business as a whole


By eliminating unnecessary distractions, you also eliminate the need for duplicating materials and more storage space. “Functional Organizing” is a method we teach our clients. It’s not only about the aesthetics of the space; it’s about having the right information in the right place, based on what works specifically for the client in that specific environment. It’s about what happens after the “stuff” has found a home, and what happens next so that the same type of pile up doesn’t occur. There are levels of getting organized and staying this way. We teach our clients the best practices for their business , creating an environment where everyone is positioned to work smarter and quicker and more efficiently; leaving them with a higher productivity rate.