Organizing Homes

“ The best part about it, is you don’t need to go anywhere to get this. We come to you. All you need to do is make a decision that living this way is no longer serving you, and then we can get to work.”

For many of us, organizing is something that is not in the schedule on a regular basis. It’s something that is easily ignored and creeps up over time bringing accruing stress, anxiety, and fear until a complete meltdown occurs and we finally make a decision. Unfortunately, by this time we are usually so overwhelmed by the chaos the disorder has created that we become paralyzed and simply push it off one more day. That one more day turns into weeks, which turn into months, which turn into years. We have seen it time and time again.

Stop the cycle. Don’t get to this place, but if you do, take action in a way that you will never get there again.
Work with us. We will develop a personalized organizational plan that is based on your patterns and behaviors in any area. Spacial Serenity digs deep. Not only will we help you get organized and teach you how maintaining your space empowers you to be in control, but we will also identify why this all happened--how you got to where you got-- and teach you how never to go there again.

Whether you want to reclaim a home office space, a closet, a room, a kitchen, or an entire house, Spacial Serenity creates a plan that makes sense for you with the space that you own. Renting a storage unit or making an addition to your house is not the answer. Learning how to live within your own space is. As part of this plan, you will be taught about rotation, functionality, creative organizing, maintenance, and boundaries. By the time we have completed our work together, you will feel comfortable, safe, harmonious and productive in your home. There will no longer be blocked energy, chronic stress caused by disorder, or fear of getting and remaining organized. The space will now be completely open, functional, and serene.

If you need to rethink your space because...

  • You’ve run out drawer, closet, or shelving space.
  • Your corners, table, and counter tops have become storage units.
  • You look for but cannot find your most recent…
  • Your at one time fun and exciting hobbies and collections have now taken over.
  • You’re expecting a new addition, received new additional “stuff” or are still holding onto things from “another lifetime.”
  • Your space feels too small or too big with too much stuff.
  • You can’t fit one more thing in, but you do, and you feel like you are going to burst.
  • You never want to enter certain rooms for a good reason.
  • You have certain area in your house that you just cannot explain.
  • You have stopped doing the things you love because you have lost the space you once had carved out for them.


Then Spacial Serenity is something that you need.