Spacial Check Up

Introducing - The Spacial Check-up

Now every client can stay on track and keep organized through our new subscription service called the Spacial Check Up.  It helps clients continue to remain organized and help adapt any processes to their present situation.

This subscription was created and designed to help clients who have gone through the entire Spacial Serenity process.  They have graduated with the tools and sense of accomplishment needed to sustain an organized space.

However, life happens things change, systems stop working and new systems need to be continually developed.  Expert check ups  is now a necessity, not just a desire. Without accountability, systems can run amok and your space can start to decline.

This semi-annual Spacial Check Up is designed to stop any issues before they become big ones so the systems can continue to run smoothly. This is more than a client maintenance session this is the glue that holds your systems together keeping you free and clear of disorganization.

This is the solution to sustainable systems!

Key Benefits

  • Keep your work space organized, benefitting the work environment, enhancing work flow.
  • Saves you money by handling issues before they become overwhelming.
  • Takes the burden off you, future appointments are arranged in advance.
  • Maintains your business image keeping you presentable to the public.

Spacial Check Up provides

2 - 1 hour maintenance sessions with your Master Organizer
Evaluate current systems, adjust and enhance where needed.

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